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Today’s HVAC systems require advanced electric training. Understanding how to read wiring schematics with the many control options available in today’s market requires very broad wiring schematic experience. Today’s units contain R-410A Freon that have to operate at 90 percent efficiency on hot and cold days to run at the correct seer rating. It takes the wiring experience to troubleshoot and correct problems fast. Seer ratings are what customers are looking for in their homes. All it takes is one misunderstood setting to reduce the efficiency or seer rating dramatically. Electricians/technicians today are expected to live up to higher standards than ever before. The ones on top have stayed ahead of the competition because they chose to update skill sets annually. We try to keep updated with all the new standards. We have always wanted our customers to get the best.

With Kee Electrical expert outlook, it will insure your systems will continue running smoothly.